Was Jesus Scribal-Literate? – Chris Keith

Literacy in the Context of Jesus’ Ministry

Cover ArtAbout the Book: How did the controversy between Jesus and the scribal elite begin? We know that it ended on a cross, but what put Jesus on the radar of established religious and political leaders in the first place? In Jesus against the Scribal Elite, Chris Keith argues that, in addition to concerns over what Jesus taught and perhaps even how he taught, a crucial aspect of the rising conflict concerned his very status as a teacher.

Addressing an overlooked aspect in Jesus studies, this fresh and provocative work is the first book-length treatment of the origins of the controversy between Jesus and the scribal authorities. It exposes the broader significance of Keith’s highly regarded technical work on the literacy of Jesus.

“In this book, as lucid and accessible as it is compelling, Chris Keith exposes the issues that lay at the very heart of Jesus’s engagement with the scribal elite. This is written for upper-level students, but scholars too will find much to consider in this excellent treatment.” – Helen Bond, University of Edinburgh

“This work is a well-researched, well-written, and significant contribution to the discussions of literacy and conflict in Jesus’s ministry and to discussions of the nature of the Gospels. Even if one disagrees with some of the conclusions, it offers a new perspective worthy of analysis and reflection.” – Klyne Snodgrass, North Park Theological Seminary

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