Video: What Started the Controversy between Jesus and the Scribes?

How Did the Controversy Begin?

Jesus against the Scribal Elite in the Classroom

Cover ArtAbout the Book: How did the controversy between Jesus and the scribal elite begin? We know that it ended on a cross, but what put Jesus on the radar of established religious and political leaders in the first place? In Jesus against the Scribal Elite, Chris Keith argues that, in addition to concerns over what Jesus taught and perhaps even how he taught, a crucial aspect of the rising conflict concerned his very status as a teacher.

Addressing an overlooked aspect in Jesus studies, this fresh and provocative work is the first book-length treatment of the origins of the controversy between Jesus and the scribal authorities. It exposes the broader significance of Keith’s highly regarded technical work on the literacy of Jesus.

“”This well-written study by Chris Keith puts Jesus as a public teacher into new light….Readers with any interest in the historical Jesus will have a hard time putting the book down.” – Loren Stuckenbruck, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

“This is a fresh and fruitful approach to a key aspect of the historical Jesus by one of the more creative younger scholars in the field.” – Richard Bauckham, Cambridge University

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