Video: Thorsen & Reeves on What Christians Believe about the Bible

Introducing What Christians Believe about the Bible

Why consider other Christian views of the Bible?

What Christians Believe about the Bible in the classroom

Understanding the Bible deeper

About the Book:

Thorsen and Reeves combine their biblical and theological knowledge to provide students with an informed and wide-ranging understanding of varied Christian views about the Bible’s nature. This concise introduction not only explores the interpretation of the Bible but also the history and theological understanding behind biblical interpretation, equipping students to think critically about their own tradition’s approach to Scripture. It will serve as a useful supplemental text in both introductory biblical studies and theology courses, helping to “fill in the blanks” regarding questions that arise but are not always treated in a particular discipline.

“Readers will come away from this well-informed, theologically balanced, and easy-to-read book eager to engage Scripture and see that there is more than one way for Christians to be biblical, faithful, and effective followers of Jesus.”–Graham H. Twelftree

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