Video: Scott Sunquist on Understanding Christian Mission

Introducing Understanding Christian Mission

History, Theology, and Ecclesiology

About the Book:

Cover ArtThis comprehensive introduction helps students, pastors, and mission committees understand contemporary Christian mission historically, biblically, and theologically. Scott Sunquist, a respected scholar and teacher of world Christianity, recovers missiological thinking from the early church for the twenty-first century. He traces the mission of the church throughout history in order to address the global church and offers a constructive theology and practice for missionary work today.

“Scott Sunquist has produced a rarity in this book that combines breadth of theological scope with depth of learning and life in equal measure. This wonderful compendium brings together deep biblical reflection, the wisdom of Christian ages past, and the experience of a lifetime lived in mission. This is a book to savor, ponder, and return to again and again.”–Christopher J. H. Wright, international ministries director, Langham Partnership

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