Video: Patricia Dutcher-Walls on Reading Biblical History in the Classroom and the Church

The Challenge of Reading Biblical History

Using Reading the Historical Books in the Classroom

Using Reading the Historical Books in the Church

Cover ArtAbout the Book: Biblical history can be some of the most difficult material for beginning students to grasp. The conventions of contemporary history writing are quite different from those of ancient Israelite writers. In Reading the Historical Books a master teacher offers basic orientation to the genre and conventions of the Old Testament historical books, helping students become careful and attentive readers.

“This student’s guide is a model of clarity, economy, and explanatory skill. Writing in a straightforward and interesting style and spicing up her discussion with specific ancient and modern examples, Patricia Dutcher-Walls lays out a sensible reading plan for any who wish to take the Bible seriously.” – V. Philips Long, Regent College

“Finally, an accessible work that reunites the literary and historical aspects of the Old Testament historical books and trains contemporary readers to hear the text in responsible ways that can shape the course of life today.” – Mark J. Boda, McMaster University

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