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Writing History in the Ancient World

Introducing Reading the Historical Books

Explaining Ancient History in a Digital Age

Cover ArtAbout the Book: Biblical history can be some of the most difficult material for beginning students to grasp. The conventions of contemporary history writing are quite different from those of ancient Israelite writers. In Reading the Historical Books a master teacher offers basic orientation to the genre and conventions of the Old Testament historical books, helping students become careful and attentive readers.

“For those coming to serious study of the Bible for the first time, there cannot be any more important lesson than to understand how to read the Bible’s ancient historical records faithfully on their own terms. They are not always the same as ours. You will not find a better or more sympathetic introductory book than this one to point you in the right direction.” – H. G. M. Williamson, University of Oxford

“This engaging guide to reading historical narrative in the Old Testament is a great text for beginners. Dutcher-Walls assumes little and draws on a wide variety of relevant texts and illustrations from the Bible, ancient Near Eastern sources, and especially modern historical texts and media contexts. There is nothing better for communicating basic principles of Hebrew Bible historiography to modern readers.” – Richard S. Hess, Denver Seminary

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