Video: Old Testament Theology

Holding Together Scholarship and the Life of Faith

The Approach of Old Testament Theology

An In-Depth Study of Key Old Testament Passages

Cover ArtAbout the Book: In Old Testament Theology, Walter Moberly probes what is necessary to understand and appropriate the Hebrew Bible as a fundamental resource for Christian theology and life today. This accessible, provocative volume offers a creative example of theological interpretation, modeling a way of doing Old Testament theology that takes seriously both the nature of the biblical text as ancient text and also the questions and difficulties that arise as believers read this text in a contemporary setting.

“[A] deft response to the Old Testament’s modern despisers, a sympathetic engagement with Judaism, and a sustained, compelling appeal to reintegrate Old Testament interpretation within the conceptual framework of classical Christianity and the concrete practices of Christian life.” – Stephen B. Chapman, Duke University

“Anyone who appreciates Walter Moberly’s writing will appreciate this new work: urbane, focused, careful, learned, nuanced, fearless, independent, rejoicing to look closely at a few trees in the conviction that they will throw light on the nature of the forest, and conservative in the best possible way.” – John Goldingay, Fuller Theological Seminary

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