Video: Marsh & Roberts Discuss Personal Jesus

Why Pop Music Matters: Introducing Personal Jesus

How Can Christians Respond to Pop Music?

Using Pop Music to Understand Contemporary Life

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About the Book

Clive Marsh and Vaughan Roberts show that popular music is used by religious and nonreligious people alike to make meaning, enabling listeners to explore human concerns about embodiment, creating communities, and tapping into transcendence. They assess what is happening to Christian faith and theology as a result. Personal Jesus incorporates case studies featuring noted music artists of our day–including David Bowie, Sigur Rós, Bruce Springsteen, and Lady Gaga–and includes practical implications for the church, the academy, and daily musical listening.

Personal Jesus is one of the best theological treatments of pop culture I have ever read. Marsh and Roberts offer a many-layered, comprehensive model for how we can more thoughtfully understand and engage pop music. Weaving together an impressive array of scholarship on the subject and a wide variety of music–everyone from Springsteen to Lady Gaga–Personal Jesus is a book that will help pastors, students, scholars, and everyday music fans better understand how and why pop music matters in the Christian life.”
Brett McCracken

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