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Cover ArtAbout the Book: How We Got the New Testament offers a historical understanding of the writing, transmission, and translation of the New Testament and provides cutting-edge insights into both its ancient Greek and modern English forms. Stanley Porter, a recognized expert in New Testament Greek, offers a student-level summary of a vast amount of historical and textual information.

“Misinformation abounds among both the general public and even some scholars about how carefully the text of the New Testament has been preserved, copied, and translated. Stanley Porter sets the record straight….Highly recommended.” – Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary

“Porter provides a wide-ranging historical summary and assessment of topics that are crucial to New Testament studies and to the church. Although the text and transmission of the New Testament have been discussed extensively in many prior works, this book is particularly useful because it is current with recent debates.” – Rodney Decker, Baptist Bible Seminary

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