Video: Graham Twelftree on Paul and the Miraculous

A Fresh Look at Paul

Why Did You Write Paul and the Miraculous?

The Historical Jesus and the Historical Paul

Cover ArtAbout the Book:

In Paul and the Miraculous, New Testament scholar Graham Twelftree shows that there is often-overlooked material in Paul’s letters and aspects of the New Testament data that call for a more historically sensitive approach to Paul.

He argues that Paul is only adequately understood if the miraculous is permitted the place it had in his national life and history, his sectarian allegiance as a Pharisee, his synagogue experience, his traditions inherited from followers of Jesus, his conversion, his experiences in answer to prayer, his theological enterprise, and his experience as a missionary and pastor.

Challenging the view that Paul was primarily a thinker, Twelftree reimagines him as an apostle of Jesus for whom the miraculous was of fundamental importance..

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