Video: Ecclesiastes, a Book for Our Time

Ecclesiastes, a Book for Our Time

Ecclesiastes in the Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms

Cover ArtAbout the Book: In this addition to the Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms series, Craig Bartholomew, coauthor of the well-received Drama of Scripture and a leading voice in the call for a renewal of theological biblical interpretation, combines a careful exegetical reading of the book of Ecclesiastes with keen theological insights.

Along with helpful translation and commentary, Ecclesiastes considers the theological implications of the text and its literary, historical, and grammatical dimensions. All serious students of the Bible will find here an accessible commentary that will serve as an excellent resource for their study.

“It is a rare commentary that is both readable and learned. Even rarer is one that immerses readers in the deep questions of life. Bartholomew’s new book helps us to think our way through Ecclesiastes and its mazes. More than that, it confronts us anew with the mystery and responsibility of human existence before the face of God.” – Raymond C. Van Leeuwen, Eastern University

“Bartholomew has made a major breakthrough in providing an integrated, holistic reading that recognizes the tensions within the book but regards them as intentional….Calling it a welcome addition to the commentaries on Ecclesiastes would be to understate the significance of Bartholomew’s work. I think it is a landmark!” – Stephen Dempster, Atlantic Baptist University

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