Video: Christopher Hall on The Mystery of God

Christopher Hall is the co-author (with Steven Boyer) of the recent Baker Academic title The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable. Below is the first of four videos in which Christopher introduces the book (video #1), addresses its content (#2 & 3), and describes its utility for the classroom (#4). At the end of each video are links to the other three.

About the Book

Steven Boyer and Christopher Hall argue that the “mystery of God” has a rightful place in theological discourse and contend that considering divine incomprehensibility invites reverence and humility on the believer’s part. They investigate the biblical, historical, and practical foundations for understanding the mystery of God and examine its implications for a variety of theological issues & practices.

“Rightly understood, mystery is a powerful and liberating theological reality. Boyer and Hall skillfully explore the wonderful truth of mystery, employing such topics as the incarnation, salvation, and prayer as examples of how it works in the church’s confession and practice. In these pages there is real wisdom.”-Kelly M. Kapic, Covenant College

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