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The Methodology of Beginning Biblical Hebrew

A Flexible Textbook, Tested in the Classroom

Lessons and Format

Cover ArtAbout the Book: This innovative textbook by two leading experts in Biblical Hebrew combines the best of traditional grammars, new insights into Hebrew linguistics, and a creative pedagogical approach. The material has been field tested and refined for more than a decade by the authors, who are actively engaged in teaching Biblical Hebrew and in scholarly discussions and research.

“In recent years, I have tested three different beginning Hebrew grammars in the classroom and have reviewed about a dozen others with that purpose in mind. I am delighted to have found Cook and Holmstedt’s Beginning Biblical Hebrew, which is a mature and delightful alternative. Pedagogically speaking, it is just about perfect. It presents necessary information succinctly without overwhelming beginners. It also entices and immerses students with comicbook-style readings and a graphical presentation of vocabulary. Students begin to read, rather than decode, Hebrew almost from the beginning.” – Daniel Driver, Tyndale University College, Toronto

“I used Beginning Biblical Hebrew in draft form with twenty undergraduates this year, and the textbook succeeded grandly. Having taught Hebrew students for the past thirty years, I can say that this present class is the most advanced I have ever had. They read extremely well, they have a good grasp of the fundamentals, and they have a developing understanding of syntax that will prepare them for subsequent study in Hebrew readings and exegesis. This grammar is characterized by current terminology, new discussions that reflect the best of what current research has to offer, and well-considered exercises and readings. I highly recommend it.” – Martin Abegg Jr., Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, Trinity Western University

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