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Cover ArtAbout the Book: This innovative textbook by two leading experts in Biblical Hebrew combines the best of traditional grammars, new insights into Hebrew linguistics, and a creative pedagogical approach. The material has been field tested and refined for more than a decade by the authors, who are actively engaged in teaching Biblical Hebrew and in scholarly discussions and research.

“Because it not only embraces fresh methods but also rethinks their linguistic and pedagogical foundations, this volume will stand out in the crowded market of introductory Biblical Hebrew textbooks. This isn’t a rehash; it’s a reboot. To have these creative ideas assembled into this ambitious synthesis will allow instructors to try out new approaches with relative ease.” – Christopher B. Hays, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Cook and Holmstedt’s beginning Hebrew grammar and illustrated workbook stands as a welcome contribution to teachers of Biblical Hebrew. The text aims at language acquisition rather than grammar retention, and this is a point that makes the volume so useful. Current in its philosophy of language, relevant in its presentation and pedagogy, and thoroughly focused on the ancient Hebrew text, this beginning grammar will serve Biblical Hebrew language learners for years to come.” – Heath A. Thomas, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

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