Textbook eSources

An exciting new feature of the third edition of Encountering the New Testament is the launch of our new web tool Textbook eSources. When visiting the book’s website (www.bakeracademic.com/ent), simply click on the logo seen above. This will take you to our supplemental website that offers course help for professors and study aids for students.

For professors:
-discussion questions for each chapter
-assignment ideas and class activities
-Powerpoint slides
-all sidebar and map images
-instructor’s manual with additional resources & quiz bank

For students:
-flash cards (available for iOS or Android devices)
-introductory videos from Robert Yarbrough
-chapter summaries, questions, and maps from textbook

Encountering the New Testament has been used by thousands of students and professors. With the launch of Textbook eSources, it is now even easier to navigate through the teaching and studying of the New Testament.

This video shows a bit more about the new edition of ENT and Textbook eSources:

The third edition of ENT is the launching point of Textbook eSources. We look forward to using this web tool for our forthcoming and current textbooks.