BA Books & Authors on the Web – October 3, 2014

Cover ArtAt Books & Culture, Brett Beasley reviewed Robert Johnston’s forthcoming book God’s Wider Presence.

Johnston succeeds in carefully analyzing our transcendent experiences while preserving their unpredictability. He shows that, while we can usefully talk about God’s wider presence—we can muse over it like a scientist might muse over a Lichtenberg Figure created by a bolt of lightning—we can’t tame it; where and when it strikes will always surprise us.

At First Things, Peter Leithart reflected on Atonement, Law, and Justice by Adonis Vidu.

Chris Woznicki reviewed Atonement, Law, and Justice.

Eric Covington, at The Two Cities, reviewed Daniel Block’s For the Glory of God.

Also reviewing For the Glory of God were Michael Philliber at Deus Misereatur, and TheGuffmanSmoketh who shared this video review.

From Every Tribe and Nation, by Mark Noll, was recommended by Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Books.

Aaron, at wrestlinginspiredfaith, reviewed Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker by Andrew Root.

David Haines reviewed Matthew Levering’s The Theology of Augustine.

At Grace for Sinners, Joshua Torrey reviewed The Original Bishops by Alistair C. Stewart.