BA Books & Authors on the Web – April 24, 2015

Cover ArtDouglas Moo’s BECNT volume on Galatians was reviewed at RBL by Roy Ciampa (here) and by Richard Manly Adams Jr. (here).

Douglas Moo has done all readers of Paul a favor in producing this well-executed commentary. Moo follows in a long tradition of historical-critical commentaries on this confusing letter, but he stands above his predecessors due to the clarity of his writing, the comprehensiveness of his conversation, and the conviction of his reading.

This Strange and Sacred Scripture, by Matthew Schlimm, was reviewed by Guy Williams at The Seedbed Blog and Joan Nienhuis at Book Reviews from an Avid Reader.

At Jesus Creed, RJS reflected on Walter Moberly’s treatment of the Shema in Old Testament Theology.

In the latest edition of Themelios, Walter McConnell III reviewed Developing a Strategy for Missions by J. D. Payne and John Mark Terry

Also in Themelios, David Setran and Chris Kiesling’s Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood was reviewed by Benjamin Espinoza.

At Euangelion, Michael Bird shared a quote on The Bastardization of Sola Scriptura from Michael Allen and Scott Swain’s Reformed Catholicity.