BA Books & Authors on the Web – April 15, 2016

Cover ArtScott Sunquist was interviewed on the Bible Gateway Blog about his book The Unexpected Christian Century.

“In 1900 religionists—people following and studying religions—assumed Islam would become the religion of Africa. They were wrong. They thought Christianity would remain strong in the West. They were wrong. They assumed Christianity would continue to look Mainline, Catholic, and Orthodox. They were wrong: Pentecostalism was not even a concept at the time.

Historians were wrong because they and politicians were progressive; they thought everything would get better and better. The Russian Revolution, Armenian genocide, and the Great War put all those ideas to bed.”

Robert Sherman’s Covenant, Community, and the Spirit was reviewed at The Gospel Coalition.

Norman Wirzba’s From Nature to Creation was featured as part of an essay in Duke Magazine.

Scot McKnight, at Jesus Creed, continued his series on Neither Complementarian Nor Egalitarian by Michelle Lee-Barnewall.

BA Books & Authors on the Web – February 12, 2016

Cover ArtAt Transformed, Tim Harmon reviewed Robert Sherman’s Covenant, Community, and the Spirit.

“On the whole, Covenant, Community, and the Spirit is a satisfying exploration of and meditation on the essence and ends of the Church, approached through the lens of pneumatology, and positioned within the broader economy of God’s redemptive grace. It will challenge students and laypeople, refresh pastors, and edify all. If it sounds like I’m gushing – well it’s because I am.”

Luther and the Stories of God, by Robert Kolb, was reviewed at Books at a Glance.

Gerald Bray’s forthcoming The Church: A Theological and Historical Account was one of Christianity Today’s 7 New Theology Books You Should Read This Year.


New Release: Covenant, Community, and the Spirit

Cover ArtThis comprehensive textbook by a well-respected Reformed theologian brings together two perennial issues in Christian theology: the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and ecclesiology. It demonstrates the importance of the Holy Spirit in empowering the being and mission of the church and shows how the church’s identity and calling are embedded in the larger covenantal purposes of the triune God.

Accessibly written with pastors in training in mind, the book probes the classic rubrics of the church as the people of God, the body of Christ, and the temple of the Holy Spirit, igniting readers’ ecclesiological imaginations and reclaiming a more biblical, theological, and pastoral vision of church.


“Written with clarity and full of biblical and practical discernment, Covenant, Community, and the Spirit displays the riches that Christian teaching about the Trinity and the Holy Spirit brings to our experience and understanding of the church. This is generous Reformed theology at its best.” – John Webster, University of St. Andrews

“Deeply rooted in Scripture and the wisdom of Christian interpretation, this exploration is also wonderfully accessible. This is a welcome contribution to the ecumenical conversation, but it is more than that; it is a personally enriching and edifying meditation on what it means to belong to the people of the Triune God.” – Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary California

“More than solely an ecclesiology, this book offers a richly accessible introduction to the whole of Christian doctrine….Read this book to learn what Reformed Christianity is, and read this book to learn what true ecumenism is.” – Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary

“Robert Sherman’s Covenant, Community, and the Spirit helps us recover an ecclesiology of hope by setting the church community in the context of the gospel of the Triune God and by retrieving not only the powerful imagery of Holy Scripture throughout but also the idioms of the Christian tradition, in both classical and Reformed variations.” – Michael Allen, Reformed Theological Seminary


Robert ShermanRobert Sherman (PhD, University of Chicago Divinity School) previously served as the Richard P. Buck Professor of Christian Theology at Bangor Theological Seminary in Bangor, Maine. A leading theologian of the Reformed tradition, he is the author of King, Priest, and Prophet: A Trinitarian Theology of Atonement.

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