New Release: Paul as a Problem in History and Culture

As one of the most significant figures in the history of Western civilization, the apostle Paul has influenced and inspired countless individuals and institutions. But for some, he holds a controversial place in Christianity. From antiquity, Paul … [Continue reading]

Unity, Holiness, and the People of God – an Excerpt from The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life

The following is an excerpt from N. T. Wright's essay "Paul and Missional Hermeneutics" in The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life, edited by Scot McKnight and Joseph Modica. ——– One of the great benefits of some kinds of "new perspective" reading … [Continue reading]

Coming Soon – James K. A. Smith’s You Are What You Love

We are thrilled that James K. A. Smith’s You Are What You Love will be released in just a few days from our sister division, Brazos Press. In the video below, Smith explains how his new book relates to Desiring the Kingdom and his … [Continue reading]

New Release: The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life

The new perspective on Paul has been criticized by some as not having value for ordinary Christians living ordinary lives. In this volume, world-renowned scholars offer a response to this question: How does the apostle Paul understand the Christian … [Continue reading]

The Limitations of Debate – an Excerpt from Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian

The following is an excerpt from Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian, by Michelle Lee-Barnewall. ——– In her book The Argument Culture, linguist Deborah Tannen asserts that our culture is permeated by a "pervasive warlike atmosphere that makes … [Continue reading]

New Release: Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian

Regarding gender relations, the evangelical world is divided between complementarians and egalitarians. While both perspectives have much to contribute, the discussion has reached a stalemate. Michelle Lee-Barnewall critiques both sides of the … [Continue reading]

“Overcoming” the World – an Excerpt from Making All Things New

The following is an excerpt from Making All Things New, by Benjamin Gladd and Matthew Harmon. ——– Revelation 1:9 claims that John is a "partner in the tribulation and kingdom." The ideas of "tribulation" and "kingdom," though discussed separately … [Continue reading]

New Release: Making All Things New

Many people think eschatology refers to events occurring at the end of history. In this book, two scholars with expertise in biblical eschatology argue that God’s kingdom breaking into this world through Jesus Christ has inaugurated a new creation, a … [Continue reading]

BA Books & Authors on the Web – March 18, 2016

Tim Harmon, at Western Seminary’s Transformed blog, reviewed Ingolf Dalferth’s Crucified and Resurrected. "Dalferth’s work here is to be lauded, as it exemplifies contemporary scholarship of the first order. With an acute awareness of the past, … [Continue reading]

Salvation and Embodiment – an Excerpt from The Priority of Christ

The following is an excerpt from The Priority of Christ, by Bishop Robert Barron. ——– The dense physicality of the risen Jesus (sarka kai oseta, flesh and bones) indicates that the whole drama of salvation has to do with real, embodied human … [Continue reading]