New Release: The Story of Jesus in History and Faith, by Lee McDonald

Cover ArtMany books are available on the historical Jesus, but few address issues that are critically central to Christian faith—namely, Jesus as resurrected Lord, Christ, and Son of God. This comprehensive introduction to the study of the historical Jesus brings together two critically important dimensions of the story of Jesus: what we can know about him in his historical context and what we can responsibly claim about his significance for faith today.

In, The Story of Jesus in History and Faith, leading New Testament scholar Lee McDonald examines key aspects of the story of Jesus, from his birth to his resurrection, and introduces the central issues and approaches in the study of the historical Jesus. He also considers issues of faith, taking account of theological perspectives that secular historiography cannot address.


“Lee Martin McDonald writes with skill, insight, and spiritual energy….This book is highly recommended for classes and all who find Jesus’ story riveting and compelling.” — James H. Charlesworth, Princeton Theological Seminary

“[P]erhaps the best technical survey of Jesus research now in print. It is at once exhaustively thorough, painstakingly fair, and enormously readable. This is simply a great book that will serve scholars and students alike.” — Gary Burge, Wheaton College and Graduate School

“Careful reading of this book will profit believers and skeptics alike. I am pleased to recommend it.” — Craig A. Evans, Acadia Divinity College

“[A] wide-ranging compendium of useful information on the study of the historical Jesus, including an account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that engages the major critical issues…..This is vintage McDonald.” — Stanley E. Porter, McMaster Divinity College

“McDonald has picked up the gauntlet thrown down by David F. Strauss in the nineteenth century, effectively challenging his two dichotomies: that the Jesus of history must be divorced from the Christ of faith, and that the historicity of the Fourth Gospel is decimated by that of the Synoptics.” — Paul N. Anderson, George Fox University

“McDonald surveys the broad range of issues and sources in historical Jesus research in a way that is irenic toward all sides. Rather than pursuing a partisan line he writes as an independent observer and yet with sensitivity to the scholars with whom he disagrees.” — Craig Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary


Lee Martin McDonald (PhD, University of Edinburgh), before his retirement, was professor of New Testament studies and president of Acadia Divinity College. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including The Biblical Canon, and coeditor of The Canon Debate (with James Sanders), and The World of the New Testament (with Joel Green). He lives in Mesa, Arizona.

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