New Release: The Priority of Christ

Cover ArtNow in hardcover with a new preface from Bishop Robert Barron.

For a long time, Christians have tried to bridge the divide between Christianity and secular liberalism with philosophy and theology. Bishop Robert Barron shows that the answer to this debate—and the way to move forward—lies in Jesus. Barron transcends the usual liberal/conservative or Protestant/Catholic divides with a postliberal Catholicism that brings the focus back on Jesus as revealed in the New Testament narratives.

Barron’s classical Catholic postliberalism will be of interest to a broad audience including not only the academic community but also preachers and general readers interested in entering the dialogue between Catholicism and postliberalism.


“This stunning summa for a ‘postliberal Catholicism’ will at once subvert any tendency among the faithful to demand a facile ‘fix,’ as well as offer lucid direction for anyone daring to undertake a pilgrimage of understanding–in and with the Christ.” – David B. Burrell, University of Notre Dame / Tantur Ecumenical Institute

“Drawing deftly on Aquinas, Newman, Lonergan, Balthasar, and many others, Barron convincingly explains what a postliberal Catholic theology might be.” – Bruce Marshall, Southern Methodist University

“Barron expertly weaves together Thomistic and Balthasarian motifs into a robust short summa that treats Jesus Christ, God the Trinity, the created order, and Christian ethics. Readers seeking spiritual and intellectual renewal will be revitalized by this much-needed book, which overflows with love of God and his path of salvation.” – Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary

“Broad in reference and informed by the homilist’s touch, The Priority of Christ will be an important contribution to a conversation the Church must have.” – Richard A. Rosengarten, University of Chicago

“A magnum opus. . . . Barron has made a signal contribution to contemporary Catholic theology.” – William L. Portier, Commonweal

“Extremely well-written, informative, and insightful.” – Stephen H. Webb, Reviews in Religion & Theology

“Strikingly readable and saturated with what one might call ‘first-order’ doctrinal claims instead of primarily methodological navel-gazing.” – Daniel J. Treier, Modern Theology

“Barron’s wonderful book The Priority of Christ brings postliberalism back to its Catholic home. . . .A downright lovely book, written with a kind of winsome literary flair that exhibits the inviting clarity of a master teacher. Highly recommended for sharp undergraduates; required reading for graduate students and scholars.” – James K. A. Smith, Religious Studies Review


Robert BarronRobert Barron (STD, Institut Catholique de Paris) is auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He founded Word on Fire, a Catholic ministry of evangelism, and previously served as rector of Mundelein Seminary and president of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake. Barron has written numerous books, including Catholicism (over 100,000 copies sold), Exploring Catholic Theology, The Priority of Christ, 2 Samuel in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible series, The Strangest Way: Walking the Christian Path (winner of a Catholic Press Association Book Award), and Heaven in Stone and Glass.

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