New Release: Revelation

Cover ArtIn this addition to the well-received Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, seasoned New Testament scholar and popular speaker Peter Williamson interprets Revelation from within the living tradition of the Church for pastoral ministers, lay readers, and students alike.

The series, which will cover the entire New Testament, relates Scripture to Christian life today, is faithfully Catholic, and is supplemented by features designed to help readers understand the Bible more deeply and use it more effectively in teaching, preaching, evangelization, and other forms of ministry


“A balanced, clear, informative, and insightful commentary on Revelation that is both Catholic and catholic. Attentive to the first-century context, the history of interpretation, and Christian liturgy and life, it offers us–like Revelation itself–guidance for the spiritual struggle between the first and second comings of the Lord.” – Michael J. Gorman, St. Mary’s Seminary and University

“Dr. Williamson, drawing on the best scholarship, has done an excellent job making sense out of a book that is notoriously difficult to interpret. Academically sound, pastorally useful, spiritually inspiring. Highly recommended.” – Ralph Martin, STD, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

“Peter Williamson’s commentary on the book of Revelation is well balanced and ….His explanations of the various images throughout Revelation, set within a clear, sensible presentation of the structure of the whole book, allow the pieces of the puzzle of this book to fall into place and enable the reader to better understand its first-century background and its vision of the final victory of God and his Church….I highly commend this commentary.” – Fr. Mitchell C. Pacwa, SJ, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology


Peter S. Williamson (STD, Pontifical Gregorian University) holds the Adam Cardinal Maida Chair in Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan. He is the author of several books, including Ephesians in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture and Catholic Principles for Interpreting Scripture. He is also the coeditor of John Paul II and the New Evangelization

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