New Release: Journey Toward Justice, by Nicholas Wolterstorff

Cover ArtChristianity’s demographics, vitality, and influence have tipped markedly toward the global South and East. Addressing this seismic shift, one of today’s leading Christian scholars reflects on what he has learned about justice through his encounters with world Christianity.

Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff’s experiences in South Africa, the Middle East, and Honduras have shaped his views on justice through the years. In Journey Toward Justice he offers readers an autobiographical tour, distilling the essence of his thoughts on the topic.

After describing how he came to think about justice as he does and reviewing the theory of justice he developed in earlier writings, Wolterstorff shows how deeply embedded justice is in Christian Scripture. He reflects on the difficult struggle to right injustice and examines the necessity of just punishment. Finally, he explores the relationship between justice and beauty and between justice and hope.


“If you have not read Wolterstorff’s great books on justice, you should. This book–accessible and profound–is the easiest place to start.” – Miroslav Volf, Yale Divinity School

“Drawing on his experience of being confronted by those who have suffered injustice, Wolterstorff helps us understand why and how such experiences should make a difference for how justice is understood. His reflections on the relations of beauty, hope, and justice are profound and moving.” – Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School

“I first started learning from Nick Wolterstorff when I became his Calvin College colleague in 1968. Now, in reading this pilgrimage narrative, I have learned even more from him….[A]n inspiring testimony about what it means to seek the shalom that God intends for the creation, narrated in firsthand encounters with the realities of human suffering.” – Richard Mouw, Fuller Theological Seminary

“I have been so deeply grateful, over many years, for the gift of rigorous scholarship Dr. Wolterstorff has brought to the body of Christ. Now my gratitude expands all the more with his newest gift: his work on biblical justice made accessible for even wider audiences and, most of all, the sharing of his personal journey. This is a book that I will use in many settings for years to come.” – Bethany H. Hoang, director, IJM Institute for Biblical Justice

“Nick Wolterstorff is one of my ‘heroes of the faith’–not just because he is a brilliant philosopher (although he is that), and not just because he is a careful and attentive reader of Scripture (although he is that too), but because he is an advocate for justice. His concern with justice is a lived concern, not just a theoretical one….I hope this book is widely read. It just may prompt others to listen both to the oppressed and to God–and to hunger for justice.” – Allen Verhey, Duke Divinity School

“Nicholas Wolterstorff here explores various ways we humans have come to think about issues of justice. But rather than offer us an anatomy of viewpoints, he asks himself and us what might move us from worldview to engagement. And what moved this philosopher accustomed to canvassing and assessing ‘theories’ was encountering those suffering the throes of injustice yet enduring them with hope, including black South Africans, Palestinians, and Hondurans–as well as those from the societies dominating them who had come to stand with them. Here is a philosophical inquiry that is imbued with life.” – David Burrell, CSC, University of Notre Dame


Nicholas P. WolterstorffNicholas P. Wolterstorff (PhD, Harvard University) is Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology at Yale University and senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia. He is the author of numerous books, including Justice: Rights and Wrongs, Justice in Love, Lament for a Son, and Educating for Life.

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