New Release: God’s Wider Presence

Cover ArtWhat are we to make of those occasional yet illuminating experiences of God’s presence that occur outside both church and Scripture? In God’s Wider Presence, senior theologian Robert Johnston explores how Christians should think theologically about God’s wider revelatory presence. The book offers a robust, constructive biblical theology of general revelation, rooting its insights in the broader Trinitarian work of the Spirit.

Drawing in part from the author’s theological engagement with film and the arts, the book helps Christians understand personal moments of experiencing God’s transcendence and accounts for revelatory experiences of those outside the believing community. It also shows how God’s revelatory presence can impact our interaction with nonbelievers and those of other faiths.


“From one of the world’s leading scholars on theology and film comes something new and thought provoking: a lucid and insightful exploration of God’s wider Presence….Bringing together historical, biblical, and contemporary examples, this book provides a significant contribution to a wide range of discussions about discerning the divine throughout the world.” – Jolyon Mitchell, University of Edinburgh

“Robert Johnston’s reconsideration of general revelation moves the discussion light years beyond the sterile binaries–objective/subjective, propositional/experiential, salvific/damning, and the like–that have debilitated constructive thinking in this arena over the last hundred years….This is a new starting point for twenty-first-century theological reflection.” – Amos Yong, Fuller Theological Seminary

“[Johnston’s] argument for a more expansive understanding of revelation will get Christians of many traditions thinking and talking together in new ways: about the arts, about their cultural habits and the significance of those habits, and about their approach to other religious traditions. It deserves a wide readership.” – Clive Marsh, University of Leicester


Robert K. Johnston (PhD, Duke University) is professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, where he has taught for over twenty years. He is the coeditor of both the Engaging Culture and the Cultural Exegesis series and is the author or coauthor of several books, including Reel Spirituality, Reframing Theology and Film, and Finding God in the Movies.

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