New Release: Atonement, Law, and Justice

Cover ArtIn Atonement, Law, and Justice Adonis Vidu tackles an issue of perennial interest in the Christian academy, and suggests that the history of atonement thinking can be read as an ongoing conversation with the history of thinking about justice and the law. Understanding this relationship yields a better understanding of atonement thinkers by situating them in their intellectual contexts.


“A learned, thoughtful, and intriguing study of the history of atonement as it relates to concepts of law and justice….This is a fascinating and significant book that repays careful reading.” – Carl R. Trueman, Westminster Theological Seminary

 “Adonis Vidu does much more than provide a meticulous and perceptive overview of the history of atonement theology. He argues that we understand this history properly only by tracing the medieval interlacing of justice and law and their disentanglement in the modern period….A nuanced plea for the inclusion of the role of punishment in a fully-orbed understanding of the death of Christ.” – Hans Boersma, Regent College

“The story of how the Christian doctrine of the atonement developed is both fascinating and important….In this work, Vidu calls clichés into question and works to show how different models of the atonement are related to varied notions of justice and law in the Western intellectual tradition. It is a work that will open further inquiry, and it will repay careful study.” – Thomas H. McCall, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Adonis Vidu (PhD, University of Nottingham) is associate professor of theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, and is the author of several books, including Theology after Neo-Pragmatism. He previously taught at Emmanuel University and at the University of Bucharest in his home country of Romania.

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