New Release: A Vision for Preaching

Cover ArtTeacher of preachers Abraham Kuruvilla develops an integrated biblical and theological vision for preaching that addresses the essentials of this most important activity in the church.

Kuruvilla draws on influential voices from church history, teases out scriptural connections, and sifts through biblical theology to reclaim what has been lost through the centuries. Beyond a rearticulation of past wisdom, Kuruvilla offers fresh insights, showing preachers what they can aim for as an ideal in their preaching. He enables preachers to have a better conception of what it means to preach, a fuller understanding of the divinely granted privilege of preaching, and a greater excitement for the preaching ministry.


“Building on earlier work, Kuruvilla offers a systematic and readable vision for the preparation of sermons and especially the preparation of preachers as they wrestle with the biblical text.” – Daniel Block, Wheaton College

“One of the best homiletical thinkers today….Kuruvilla has given us a vision for preaching that is insightful, comprehensive, and compelling.” – Donald R. Sunukjian, Talbot School of Theology

“In A Vision for Preaching, homiletics scholar Abraham Kuruvilla offers a compelling vision of what preaching is and can be.” – Michael Duduit, executive editor, Preaching magazine

“No book presents a better balance of heart and head, Spirit and truth, and orthodoxy and orthopraxy than A Vision for Preaching.” – Hershael W. York, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Well researched, thoughtful, and sometimes controversial, but fully worth consideration.” – Kenton C. Anderson, Northwest Baptist Seminary

“Abraham Kuruvilla provides a compelling vision that challenges preachers to lift their sights higher in the preaching task–a challenge worth considering!” – Scott M. Gibson, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Abraham KuruvillaAbraham Kuruvilla (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is professor of pastoral ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and is a practicing dermatologist. He has authored several books, including Privilege the Text! A Theological Hermeneutic for Preaching and a number of preaching commentaries. A past president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society, he blogs regularly at

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