New Release: A New Heaven and a New Earth

Cover ArtIn A New Heaven and a New Earth, J. Richard Middleton argues that the ultimate blessed hope for the believer is not an otherworldly heaven; instead, it is full-bodied participation in a new heaven and a new earth brought into fullness through the coming of God’s kingdom.


“Middleton invites us to read the Scriptures afresh and see, perhaps for the first time, the biblical hope of a new earth. If read as widely as I hope, this book would transform North American Christianity.” – James K. A. Smith, Calvin College

“Richard Middleton plunges boldly into a most-treasured misreading of the Bible. He shows the way in which ‘other-worldly’ hope of ‘going to heaven’ is a total misread of gospel faith….When his book catches on, it will have an immense impact on the way in which we think and act about our common future in the gospel.” – Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

“It is no small irony that the majority of serious, Bible-believing Christians subscribe to a view of life in the eschaton that is fundamentally unbiblical. Middleton provides a much-needed corrective in his perceptive exposition of ‘holistic eschatology’….I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Donald A. Hagner, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Over against the all-too-common eschatology of heavenly rapture and earthly destruction, Richard Middleton’s new book reclaims the scriptural vision of cosmic renewal….Simply put, this sorely needed volume is the best book of its kind. May it find a great multitude of readers.” – Steven Bouma-Prediger, Hope College

“Middleton’s vision of the renewal of all things is comprehensive, learned, accessible, and exciting. As an additional advantage, it is true. This is a stellar piece of work.” – Cornelius Plantinga Jr., author of Engaging God’s World


J. Richard Middleton (PhD, Free University of Amsterdam) is professor of biblical worldview and exegesis at Northeastern Seminary and adjunct professor of theology at Roberts Wesleyan College, both in Rochester, New York. He authored The Liberating Image and coauthored the bestsellers Truth Is Stranger Than It Used to Be and The Transforming Vision.

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