New and Forthcoming from Brazos Press

Our sister division, Brazos Press, has a number of exciting new releases this season. You can stay up to date with the latest from Brazos Press by following The Brazos Blog, as well as the Brazos Twitter and Facebook pages.

Cover ArtHeaven, Hell, and Purgatory, by Jerry Walls

“Walls has spent much of his academic career providing an account of the Christian story of the afterlife….In this book he condenses much of this research into one accessible volume….A terrific resource.” – Oliver Crisp, Fuller Theological Seminary

Cover ArtRejoicing in Lament, by J. Todd Billings

“Courageous, revealing, sometimes raw–this book reminds us that lament is an act of faith and that faith is a communal treasure. Billings’s testimony is that love is stronger than death. Unforgettable!” – Cornelius Plantinga Jr., author of Engaging God’s World

Cover ArtNonviolent Action, by Ron Sider

“This wise, balanced, and inspiring book is a richly instructive guide for all who have pledged their allegiance to the Savior who is also the Prince of Peace.” – Richard Mouw, Fuller Theological Seminary (from the foreword)

Cover ArtTraces of the Trinity, by Peter Leithart

“Leithart deftly discovers traces of the Trinity in the world we inhabit day to day….Occasionally whimsical, often lyrical, invariably insightful, this book isn’t intended to be the final word on the Trinity, but it should be the first.” – Jack Levison, Southern Methodist University

Cover ArtSpiritual Friendship, by Wesley Hill

“Hill’s courageous, thought provoking book seeks to recover ‘friendship as a genuine love in its own right’….This is a book that challenges all of us–whatever our sexual experience or longings may be–to think more truthfully about the meaning of love and the complex ways in which our communities either stifle or nurture it.” – Richard B. Hays, Duke Divinity School