Kevin Vanhoozer on the Importance of Pastor-Theologians

Kevin Vanhoozer, co-author of The Pastor as Public Theologian, recently discussed the importance of pastor-theologians in an excellent series of videos for the Center for Pastor Theologians. [HT: Justin Taylor]

Cover Art“This is a timely, more than timely–urgent–book. Kevin Vanhoozer, one of our leading theologians, protests the ‘putting asunder’ of theology by American pastors….It was not always this way. Vanhoozer and Strachan skillfully fashion insight and discernment to bring us back to what the church ordained us to do.” – Eugene H. Peterson

“Preachers today must present biblical truth to people who are more and more resistant to it. The skillful preacher must understand something of the history of ideas and the baseline cultural narratives of our day in order even to be comprehensible to them….This book is an important, ringing call for working pastors and preachers to exercise a higher level of theologically informed leadership in our churches.” – Tim Keller