Giveaway: Back-to-School with Baker Academic

Autumn is just around the corner, and we thought that a giveaway would be the perfect way to kick off a new semester.

Five new titles from Baker Academic will go to the winner of our back-to-school giveaway. To enter simply fill out the form below (and don’t miss extra chances to win via Facebook and Twitter!).

About the Books:

“A number of books illumine either ancient Judaism or the non-Jewish Greco-Roman world, but only a few competently address both….If I were teaching a New Testament backgrounds course this semester, this is the textbook I would use.” – Craig Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary

“John Fea is quickly becoming one of the most important voices in the up-and-coming generation of Christian historians. His reflections on the study of history brim with scholarly insight, age-old Christian wisdom, and practical advice.” – Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“In a time when biblical studies has become partitioned between the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament, Schreiner reminds us that there is one God, one book, and one story. A story about God the king, his kingdom, his people, and the triumph of the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Michael F. Bird, Crossway College

“Penner challenges many of the intuitions and assumptions that have shaped traditional Christian thought and invites us to rethink them for the sake of the gospel. In doing so he offers a fresh perspective on the nature of Christian witness.” – John R. Franke, Yellowstone Theological Institute

“[L]earned but lively, provocative but warmhearted, a manifesto and a guide. Smith takes Christians deeper into the artistic, imaginative, and practical resources on which we must draw if we wish to renew not only our minds but also our whole beings in Christ.” – Alan Jacobs, Honors College of Baylor University

[This giveaway will run through Friday September 13, at 9:00 Eastern. Due to shipping costs, the giveaway is only open to residents of the United States]


  1. Happy to hear this good news. Understanding the world of the Bible is for me always the first step to interpretation. I want to have these lovely books . . .

  2. Why Study History?

  3. I’d love these books!

  4. The World of the NT looks like an outstanding collection of essays. I enjoyed reading one of John Fea’s earlier books.

  5. Charles Cherry says:

    I sure hope this is the “form below” that the article refers to 🙂

    I would love these new books!

    • Mason Slater says:


      There should be a “Punchtab” entry form directly below the section in brackets that explains the rules. If it does not appear it might help to try a different browser.

  6. Brian Frick says:

    I’m in!

  7. George Mearns says:

    All look good.

  8. Sign me up!

  9. These would be nice to win!

  10. Count me in!

  11. Scott Van Neste says:

    Form to fill out??? I want to register!

    • Mason Slater says:


      There should be a “Punchtab” entry form directly below the section in brackets that explains the rules. If it does not appear it might help to try a different browser.

  12. These would be great resources to own!

  13. Looks great.


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