BA Books & Authors on the Web – September 20, 2013

Cover ArtAlan Thompson reviewed the first volume of Craig Keener’s Acts commentary, for Credo Magazine.

“Keener’s extensive interaction with other views, detailed argumentation for the historical reliability of Acts, and comprehensive treatment of the social historical context for so many topics leaves me profoundly grateful for such a resource.  This is essentially an encyclopedia of information related to Acts and its first century world!”

In his post “The Challenge of Conviction and Openness“, Nijay Gupta reflected on a quote from David Turner’s BECNT volume on Matthew.

At New Testament Perspectives, Matthew Montonini shared endorsements for Francis Moloney’s Love in the Gospel of John.

Brent Newsom, at Relief Journal, used James K.A. Smith’s Imagining the Kingdom to inform his reflections on his personal liturgy as a writer.