BA Books & Authors on the Web – September 18, 2015

Cover ArtGuy Davies, at Exiled Preacher, reviewed The Pastor as Public Theologian by Kevin Vanhoozer and Owen Strachan.

“I’d recommend that all aspiring and serving pastors give this book a thoughtful and prayerful read. If the pastor as public theologian is a lost vision, this well written and passionately argued book certainly makes a grand attempt at reclaiming it.

Anything that helps pastors to minister what is in Christ more effectively must be good for us, the people whom we have been called to serve, and the world that so desperately needs to hear the life-transforming message of the gospel.”

At Panorama of a Book Saint, Conrade Yap reviewed Matthew Schlimm’s This Strange and Sacred Scripture.

Cover ArtScot McKnight, at Jesus Creed, discussed Andrew McGowan’s treatment of the Eucharist in Ancient Christian Worship.

“Banquets, a common term for early Christian meals, were common: ‘Groups bound by kinship and by professional, social, religious, or ethnic ties celebrated such meals together to create and express their identity and their beliefs when need or opportunity for celebration arose.’”

Austin McCann reviewed Youth Ministry in the 21st Century, edited by Chap Clark.