BA Books & Authors on the Web – November 14, 2014

Cover ArtByron Borger, at Hearts & Minds Books, praised Richard Middleton’s A New Heaven and a New Earth.

“It may be that the just released A New Heaven and a New Earth…is the most important book in its field, a magnificent, innovative, lasting contribution to the field of Biblical studies. I can hardly overstate just how significant this new book is.”

Graham Twelftree’s Paul and the Miraculous was reviewed by Brian LePort, who also reflected on Twelftree’s discussion of the Pseudepigraphal Paul.

At Lonely Vocations, Matthew Forrest Lowe reviewed Galatians and Christian Theology, edited by Mark Elliott, Scott Hafemann, N. T. Wright, and John Frederick.

At Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight ‘s post Teaching Discipleship to Youth continued his series on Andrew Root’s Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker.

CHOICE recommended Beginning with the Word by Roger Lundin, and Who’s Afraid of Relativism? by James K.A. Smith. You can read the respective reviews here and here.

At Shared Justice, Becca Mcbride reflected on Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Journey toward Justice.

And finally, James K.A. Smith responded to a common critique of Who’s Afraid of Relativism?

“When one is committed to a representationalist picture of the world—indeed, when one has basically drunk in such a picture with mother’s milk—it is virtually impossible to see things otherwise: This is how things are! Questioning representation and correspondence would be akin to questioning reality itself. Indeed, not only are alternatives not entertained; they cannot even be understood.”