BA Books & Authors on the Web – May 31, 2013

James K.A. Smith, author of Imagining the Kingdom, was interviewed by Christianity Today in a piece titled “You Can’t Think Your Way to God.”

While we’re on the topic of Jamie Smith:

Imagining the Kingdom was reviewed by Andrew Stout for SCC Library Reads.

Blogger Morgan Guyton referenced the Cultural Liturgies project in a post titled “How Do We Do Confirmation Post-James K.A. Smith?”

Imagining the Kingdom was reviewed by Joseph Minich for The Calvinist International.

Blogger Jake Belder engages with the works of Jamie Smith on the issues of form and content in contemporary worship.

John Byron reviewed Opening Paul’s Letters by Patrick Gray on his The Biblical World blog.

Blogger Joel Watts recommended the forthcoming Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism (eds. Christopher Hays & Christopher Ansberry).

Classical Christian Doctrine by Ronald Heine was reviewed by Library Journal.

Alyce M. McKenzie references Wendy Cotter’s The Christ of the Miracle Stories in her “Edgy Exegesis” column on Luke 7:1-10.

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