BA Books & Authors on the Web – May 30, 2014

Cover ArtJonathan R. Wilson, author of God’s Good World, was interviewed by Ken Wytsma.

“[W]e care for creation as an act of love for Christ. But the doctrine of creation doesn’t teach us just to keep thing as healthy as we can while we await the return of Christ; the doctrine teaches us to locate all of God’s work and our lives in the story of the redemption of creation. So we must learn also to locate beauty, work, bodily life, and all other things within the story of creation being redeemed.”

Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Journey toward Justice was reviewed by Conrade Yap at Panorama of a Book Saint.

Ryan Brymer, at Faith Villiage, reviewed Who’s Afraid of Relativism? by James K.A. Smith.

Rachel Held Evans recommended Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns, in her Summer Reading Spectaular.

Jamie Greening recommended Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology.

At A Word in Edgewise, David Capes reflected on Miracles by Craig Keener.