BA Books & Authors on the Web – May 17, 2013

The Theology of Augustine by Matthew Levering was recommended by Justin Taylor on his blog.

Classical Christian Doctrine by Ronald Heine was reviewed by Kendrick Kuo for Patheos blog Schaeffer’s Ghost.

David Roach drew some helpful principles from Robert Stein’s A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible in his article, “Should we interpret the Bible literally?”

Later New Testament Writings and Scripture by Steve Moyise (the SPCK edition) was reviewed by Yongbom Lee for Review of Biblical Literature.

Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale was reviewed by Pheme Perkins and by Maarten J. J. Menken for Review of Biblical Literature.

Nijay Gupta gave a preview of the forthcoming book Paul and the Miraculous by Graham Twelftree on his blog.

Liturgy as a Way of Life by Bruce Ellis Benson was reviewed by blogger Joel Watts.

The Enemy in the Household by Caryn A. Reeder was reviewed by Robert R. Beck for Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (volume 13).

Reading the Gospels Wisely by Jonathan T. Pennington was reviewed by minister Scott Elliot of blog Resurrected Living.