BA Books & Authors on the Web – May 15, 2014

Cover ArtAt Acts and More, Steve Walton reviewed Jesus against the Scribal Elite, by Chris Keith.

“If Professor Chris Keith is substantially right (and I am persuaded that he is), there is an important factor to add into our reconstructions of why Jesus was opposed by the educated Jewish elite, and that is that he acted and spoke in ways which challenged their exclusive hold on the right to teach and, especially, to interpret Scripture.”

RJS, at Jesus Creed, has been reflecting on J. Richard Middleton’s The Liberating Image in the posts No Text is an Island, and The Artistry of Creation, Cosmic Temple, and Imago Dei.

Conrade Yap reviewed Models for Biblical Preaching, edited by Haddon Robinson and Patricia Batten.

At the ACT3 Network John Armstrong discussed Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom’s Is the Reformation Over?

Byron Borger, at Hearts & Minds, recommended Liberating Tradition by Kristina LaCelle-Peterson.

Kevin DeYoung recommended Darrell Bock’s BECNT volume on Acts, and Craig Keener’s multi-volume commentary on Acts.