BA Books & Authors on the Web – June 26, 2015

Cover ArtGeorge Guthrie, author of 2 Corinthians in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, was interviewed at Books at a Glance. (Part 1, and part 2).

“New commentaries on 2 Corinthians do not hit the press every day, and it is noteworthy when one of 736 pages arrives from a respected New Testament scholar such as George Guthrie of Union University. We were eager to see Dr. Guthrie’s treatment of this rather neglected book, the latest addition to Baker’s outstanding Exegetical Commentary series, and today he talks to us about his new work.”

At RBL, Iain Provan reviewed Reading the Historical Books by Patricia Dutcher-Walls.

Also at RBL, Warren Carter’s Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World was reviewed by Richard Johnson.

“Carter identifies his objective as orienting the reader to “some important aspects” of the world of Jesus and his early disciples, thereby helping Carter’s readers to read the New Testament with greater understanding (xvii). That dual objective is worth accomplishing, and Carter has succeeded in that effort. He has provided a popular resource that incorporates serious historical reflection with explicit and judicious treatment of primary sources.”

Christianity and Religious Diversity, by Harold Netland, was reviewed by Conrade Yap at Panorama of a Books Saint.