BA Books & Authors on the Web – July 26, 2013

Frederick Murphy’s Apocalypticism in the Bible and Its World was awarded the 2013 Biblical Archaeology Society Award for Best Book Relating to the New Testament. They wrote:

“Apocalypticism in the Bible and Its World provides the field of Biblical research a comprehensive study of Jewish apocalyptic thought from its inception in the Books of Enoch through the vast literature of Early Judaism, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, into its expressions in Jesus’ teachings, Pauline theology, and the early Christian movement. At the same time, author Frederick J. Murphy makes his work accessible to critical Biblical study beginners by the clarity of his presentation of the developmental stages of apocalypticism, its vestiges in current belief and practice, and by the side bars, boxes, charts, illustrations, and very useful bibliographies found in each chapter.”

The End of Apologetics by Myron Bradley Penner was reviewed by Jim Kane on his blog, Le padre ver livre.

Penner’s book was also reviewed by Joan Nienhuis on her blog.

Imagining the Kingdom by James K. A. Smith was reviewed by Paul Bickley on the Theos Think Tank website.

James K.A. Smith was recently mentioned in a New York Times opinion piece and Imagining the Kingdom was mentioned on the Christ and Popculture Patheos blog.

The Gospel of Mark (CCSS series) by Mary Healy was reviewed by Nijay Gupta on his blog.

Understanding Spiritual Warfare by James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy (eds.) was reviewed by Eric Twietmeyer, Randal Kay, and Mark Dunker for EFCA Today.

On the Church and Postmodern Culture blog, the book symposium on Bruce Ellis Benson’s Liturgy as a Way of Life continued with a review from Linda Borecki.