BA Books & Authors on the Web – July 24, 2015

Cover ArtAt The Jesus Blog, Chris Keith shared two recent reviews of his Jesus against the Scribal Elite as well as the latest news about a symposium interacting with his book.

“Keith begins with the sources as they are, and explains the conflicting memories regarding Jesus’ scribal literacy from the fact that a scribal-illiterate member of the manual-labour class presumed to function as an authoritative teacher. Keith argues persuasively that this in itself would have been sufficient to lead to all sorts of questions and conclusions about his scribal-literacy and authority, and to bring him into direct conflict with the scribal elite.”

Lindsay Kennedy, at My Digital Seminary, reviewed Simon Gathercole’s Defending Substitution.

At Thoughts, Prayers & Songs, James reviewed Reading Barth with Charity by George Hunsinger.

“An important scholarly book for clarifying Barth’s theology. No doubt the revisionists named by Hunsinger will make a response which will further the debate.”

Matthew Schlimm’s This Strange and Sacred Scripture was reviewed at Brave Daily.