BA Books & Authors on the Web – January 17, 2014

Cover ArtAt Books & Culture, Jesse Covington, Maurice Lee, Sarah Skripsky, and Lesa Stern engaged with Imagining the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith.

“Together, these volumes [Desiring the Kingdom and Imagining the Kingdom] pursue the ambitious goal of renewing “Christian practice,” by which Smith means mainly what happens in Christian churches and colleges. The core claim is that effective worship and education must be based on correct anthropology, on a clear understanding of how human beings really act, know, and learn.”

Also, Books & Culture editor John Wilson recently described Smith’s Cultural Liturgies series as “the most influential example of public theology in the last decade.”

Joel Willitts at Euangelion pointed readers to David Gowler’s new blog,  a Chorus of Voices: The Reception History of the Parables.

Michael Bird has been re-reading Dale Allison’s Constructing Jesus, and named Hays and Ansberry’s Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism as one of his favorite reads of 2013.

Tim Challies recommended Robert Yarbrough’s BECNT volume on 1-3 John.

Vincent of Lérins and the Development of Christian Doctrine by Thomas Guarino was reviewed by Joseph Bottum for The Weekly Standard.

Kyle McDanell, at Blogizomia, quoted from Magnifying God in Christ by Thomas Schreiner.

At Reformedish, Derek Rishmawy reflected on J. Todd Billings’s treatment of Adoption in Union with Christ.