BA Books & Authors on the Web – February 28, 2014

Cover ArtAt The Englewood Review of Books, Tim Høiland reviewed Reading a Different Story by Susan VanZanten.

“Ultimately, VanZanten is an apologist for ‘Christian cosmopolitanism.’ She wants believers’ allegiances to transcend geopolitical borders. Specifically, she wants us to read widely and well in order to better love God and to love our neighbors, both near and far. While she specifically appeals to her colleagues in academia, the principle applies to the rest of us just as well.”

J. Ryan Parker, at Pop Theology, reviewed Personal Jesus by Clive Marsh and Vaughn Roberts.

Thomas Schreiner’s  The King in His Beauty was reviewed by Lindsay Kennedy at My Digital Seminary.

Chris Kiesling, co-author with David Setran of Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood, wrote the article “Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood: Christian Formation and Discipleship” for Catalyst.

Nijay Gupta reflected on a quote about simplicity and complexity from Donald Hagner’s The New Testament.