BA Books & Authors on the Web – August 09, 2013

Cover ArtJosh Hays at Towers Magazine interviewed Thomas Schreiner about The King in His Beauty.

“I took the title of the book from Isaiah 33:17, where he says, ‘You will see the king in his beauty.’ The story of the Bible is that God, as Lord and creator, is king, and he created us to rule the world for him. Human beings rejected God’s rule and sinned. God is king, but he doesn’t treat human beings as he did fallen angels. He promises in Genesis 3:15 that victory will be won (the world will be reclaimed) through the offspring of the woman who crushes the serpent. So that’s the narrative: how will God reclaim his rule over the world through human beings?”

Also, Jim West at Zwinglius Redivivus reviewed The King in His Beauty.

Jonathan Merritt interviewed Stanley Hauerwas, author of War and the American Difference, in a post titled Politics, patriotism, and pacifism.

Daniel Peterson featured Myron Penner’s The End of Apologetics in his article Defending the Faith: Theological training not required to believe in Christ.

Michael Bird reviewed Scripture and Tradition by Edith Humphrey.

Publishers Weekly noted a number of awards for Baker Academic and Brazos Press titles.

Nijay Gupta reviewed Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World, and recommended some Fall ’13 Baker Academic releases.