BA Books & Authors on the Web – April 11, 2014

Cover ArtAt The Tentative Apologist, Randal Rauser interviewed Peter Enns about Scripture, inerrancy, and his book Inspiration and Incarnation.

“[T]here is no better guide in the process of re-examination than Peter Enns, Professor of Biblical Studies at Eastern University. Beginning with the publication of his book Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament, Professor Enns has emerged as a leading progressive evangelical voice, challenging conservative Christians everywhere to rethink what they’ve been taught about the Bible.”

Justin Taylor recommended the forthcoming Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin, edited by Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves.

Douglas Connelly, at The Englewood Review of Books, reviewed Timothy Wengert’s Reading the Bible with Martin Luther.

Nate Claiborne began to engage with Who’s Afraid of Relativism? by James K. A. Smith

Constance Cherry, author of The Special Service Worship Architect, was interviewed at The Threshing Floor.

Robin Jensen  was interviewed by Anglican Review with Michael Porter about her book Baptismal Imagery in Early Christianity.

Byron Borger recommended James K.A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom.

Larry Hurtado announced the release of Chris Keith’s Jesus against the Scribal Elite.